Discovering a “Peace”
In Your Puzzle 

Many of our clients are people just like you.
They feel stuck and they’re looking for a way to get moving again. Some come to us already knowing exactly what the problem is – but don’t know how to change it. Others know that something isn’t right – but they don’t know what it is. Either way, many of them had been plagued for years by issues that were easily resolved using this process.

Because beliefs drive the way you think, feel and behave in any situation, you live as though what you believe to be true actually is true. But it may not be. And because beliefs are often based on incomplete and incorrect information, they might not be useful for getting you your desired outcomes. Most people aren’t aware of this, so they get stuck in repetitive patterns of conflict and failure. That’s where problems arise. And that’s where we come in because . . .

We specialize in belief-change.

Because Mindopoly®’s UnifiedMind™ approach is a mind-based technique, it’s suitable for changing or eliminating a variety of everyday challenges and issues including:

Resolving Negative Beliefs Related To Self-Esteem 

  • I’m not good enough and nothing I do is ever good enough
  • I’m not important; I feel invisible.
  • Change is scary.
  • I’m not worthy of someone’s love and attention.
  • I have to be perfect and everything I do has to be perfect in order to be okay.
  • I’m a failure and I’ll never have what I want.

Eliminating Negative Emotions and Unwanted Behaviors

Negative feelings and unwanted behaviors are symptomatic of unconscious thinking patterns. When a causative thinking pattern is changed, it automatically creates a simultaneous change in the feelings and behaviors that are attached to it.

By applying this process people have learned to eliminate feelings such as:

    • Anxiety
    • Anger, Frustration and Rage.
    • Overwhelm
    • Fear and Phobic Responses
    • Sadness and Hopelessness
    • Powerlessness



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