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We want to sincerely thank all of our clients, who through the years, have placed their trust and confidence in us. It is an honor to know each and every one of you. We are so privileged to have been participants in, and witnesses to the many changes you have made in your lives.

And we especially want to thank those of you have taken the time to share the story of your success with us so that we might share it with others, who like you are ready to make real and lasting change in their lives. If you have a story you’d like to share, send it to us. We’d love to hear from you.

Here’s just a small sampling of the kinds of things our clients say about our work.


“… learning how to just be ME and NOT my emotions”

After only two sessions with Mindopoly, I have become more mindful of my self-talk and have learned ways to improve it to be more positive.[Read More]

Nicki Tiffani – Rochester, NY

“Okay, I have no idea what kind of magic you practice but I love it!”

Our trip to Newburgh, NY went great.[Read More]

Elsa Steo – Rochester, NY

“I feel like a whole new person.”

I just had to email you tonight and tell you how much I am loving life. [Read More]

Haelee Catchpole – Rochester, NY

“It’s great to see the impact in tangible ways. . .”

Again, thanks for all the help with K*.[Read More]

Andrew P* (*names withheld for child’s privacy) – Rochester, NY

“I feel changed and transformed immediately.”

The work I do with you with ‘eye movement’ is very powerful and I feel changed and transformed immediately. It is amazing, helpful and wonderful that I can quickly come out of one state with this process. [Read More]

Michelle Coene – Rochester, NY

“You showed me how to change my self-limiting beliefs.”

Dear Lucia and Jim,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the “stuff” you guys helped me with. But I truly do not know how to put my thoughts on paper. [Read More]

Trish Kearns – Greeley, Colorado

“Now I can live in the moment instead of being consumed by it.”

I have been searching for a method of self-improvement for 30 years. Many things have made an impact on my life, but none as dramatically as Mindopoly’s UnifedMind™ approach. [Read More]

Al Dupra, Process Engineer – Florida

“Earth shattering… yet so simple.”

Jim and Lucia,

You’ve helped me transform my life! I am not sure what to say because words cannot express how truly amazing you guys are. [Read More]

Kathleen Kelly, L.A.C.-ND – San Diego, CA

“Be the master of yourself…”

With humility and great craftsmanship they create an environment for the most profound objective; for the one who is in their company to dive deep inside, [Read More]

Sharon Willow, Montessori Teacher – Rochester, NY

“Learn to utilize your mind in ways you would have never thought possible.”

Is Mindopoly different than seeing a therapist or counselor? YES! Mindopoly teaches you how to utilize your mind in ways you would have never thought possible. [Read More]

Taimi Schepis, Speech Pathologist – Fairport, NY

“You set yourself apart by providing me with not only the support, but also the tools and methods to achieve my desired results.”

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude for the incredibly helpful program you provided for me. The tools you gave me for dealing with my unconscious mind were instrumental in my recovery process. [Read More]

The unconscious mind activities gave me a mental clarity and grace under pressure that I feel conventional methods would not have provided. I constantly refer to these methods to help me in my professional life. You helped me to recognize my strengths and capitalize on them in all aspects of life.

The bottom line is that you set yourself apart by providing me with not only the support, but also the tools and methods enabling me to achieve my desired results. I constantly recommend you to my friends and I will continue to do so because you are both incredible individuals providing a path to a better, more fulfilling life. You have made a deep impact in my life and you will always have my sincerest regard and appreciation.

Amanda L. Galley

“Feeling very calm and centered…”

Thank you so much … I can’t tell you how effective our session has been. I found myself feeling very calm and centered ever since. If I felt “spooled up” at all, I simply readjusted and went back to center.

Dorothy Johnson, Entrepreneur – Rochester, NY

“It’s just a wonderful path I’m making my way along now…”

Dear Jim and Lucia, I’m here! And I want you to know I blame both of you for it! Talking to you helped me make this decision with clarity and confidence. Thank you so much … your feedback and encouragement helped lead me on this path! And it feels so right! [Read More]

Jennifer DelRosario, Culinary Arts Student – Saranac Lake, NY

“You’ve got a great thing going on there. Thank you so much for making it all good.”

I just wanted to say thanks again for the sessions. The process we went through made a world of difference for me, by the way. My highest intention has always been for everyone to be happy … including myself! [Read More]

That was the most powerful part of the session. The tightness in my chest dissipated completely and opened up… leaving a sensation of warmth and happiness. All I could do was smile, and it felt really exhilarating.

As a doctor who takes an integrative approach to healing, I can see the future of changework like Mindopoly’s enhancing the paradigm of functional medicine, making it truly holistic.

You’ve really got a great thing going there… thank you so much for making it “all good.”

Christine Dionese, Acupuncturist and Naturopathic Doctor – San Diego, CA

“I don’t know how it happened… but I have been a new person since Monday”

Jim, Thank you so much for our recent phone coaching sessions. I don’t know how it happened, but on Monday it seemed as if someone had lit a fire under my um… butt. [Read More]

Lots of love to you guys!

Amy Rudolph – Baltimore, Maryland

“Patient, respectful and caring”

Lucia is very talented in picking up details in what I think are ‘general conversations’ and sensing the real issue deep down that is from my past, [Read More]

M.C., Rochester, NY

“Learning how to make better choices in our lives”

I have known Lucia for 10 years. She has helped me and my employees in business and our personal lives. [Read More]

Jules DiFabio, Director/Manager, Dunn Tower – Rochester, New York

“I far exceeded my personal and professional goals”

I highly recommend Lucia and Mindopoly. [Read More]

Tom Petrone, Owner of Polar Plastics, Rochester, New York

“A brilliant coach and counsel”

The past three years have been a period of incredible personal and professional growth for me. [Read More]

Silvia Deutsch, Realtor – Rochester, New York

“She changed my life completely”

Lucia is an angel on earth!! She changed my life completely. [Read More]

Kristin O’Dell, Teacher – Rochester, NY

“An amazing resource for change”

Lucia is an amazing resource for change. [Read More]

Marion McGregor-Triano DC, MSc, PhD, FCCS(C)

Director of Education, Year II, Professor at the Canandian Memorial Chiropractic College

“I can’t recommend their work highly enough”

What Mindopoly can achieve is nothing short of a miracle. [Read More]

Mary Jo Scibetta, Award Winning Graphic Artist – Scottsville, AZ

“You owe it to yourself”

Imagine having an impossible dream and having a highly skilled and talented person in your corner to help guide you far beyond your current state of progress. [Read More]

Bob Manard, Senior Acct. Mgr./Element K – Rochester, New York

“Certainly knows her stuff”

Delightful to work with, [Read More]

Bob Carson – Canandaigua, NY

“Unreservedly recommend”

I unreservedly recommend Lucia Pinizotti [Read More]

Bill Franki, Regional Manager@ Segula Technologies

“I found clarity”

Lucia has a fresh approach to helping you find clarity around life issues, and is solution oriented. [Read More]

Michelle Ashby, Owner of Tipping Point Media – Rochester, NY

“Excellent and very useful”

I found Jim & Lucia’s workshop to be excellent and very useful, and also interesting. [Read More]

Jim Coene – Rochester, NY

“I am mine”

I was initially compelled with the word ‘changework’ and indeed, that is what has happened for me. [Read More]

– Lisa Burns – Geneseo, NY

“I burned through what would have taken 20 years of therapy”

In the first session with Lucia I burned through what would have taken 20 years of therapy to get down to a subconscious memory/event that I was able to release with astonishing ease. [Read More]

– Deeanne Bevin, Masters of Acupuncture Science, Rochester, NY

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