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  • Is this right for me?

Thousands of people just like you have made dramatic changes quickly and easily. Of course, nothing works for everyone all of the time. That’s why we’re trained in over a dozen different disciplines of what we refer to as UnifiedMind™ techniques. We believe that “If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else.” [Read More]

And we do everything we can to ensure that the clients we accept into our practice are a good fit for us – and us for them. In fact, this is so important to us that we are willing to absorb the financial obligation for doing so, right up front.

Our forty-five minute risk free consultation is our way of giving you an opportunity to meet with us without any obligation to see if we are the right choice for you, and you for us. If you’re someone who is willing to take responsibility for yourself, are open to learning new things, and are eager to change, chances are our UnifiedMind™ approach is right for you – and you will do very well. But, don’t take our word for it. Come in and decide for yourself – risk free!

  • How is what you do different from therapy?

A Little Disclaimer from James A. Cervelloni, NND and Lucia M. Pinizotti, NND

NND? . . . No – Notta – Doctor

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, psychotherapy is “treatment of mental disorder by any of various means involving communication between a trained person and the patient and including suggestion, counseling, psychoanalysis, etc.” In effect, it is a designation given to the medical field of psychology. Only medically licensed professionals are allowed by law to diagnosis and therapeutically treat mental illness. [Read More]

We are not psychotherapists, nor do we practice psychotherapy. We coach, mentor, teach and guide our clients with a practical, effective, and proven process for change.

Mindopoly®’s UnifiedMind™ approach, which includes Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnosis, HNLP Coaching, TimeLine Therapy®, Integrated Eye Movement Technique (IEMT), Core Transformation®, Clean Language, Symbolic Modeling, Metaphors in Media, etc., is designed . . . “For Those of Us Who Don’t Need Therapy”

Occasionally, the words therapy and therapeutic have been used to describe the benefits of our UnifiedMind™ approach. Our use of these terms is limited to the healing power or quality of these methodologies.

They are therapeutic in the sense that anything that provides an enriching life experience can be therapeutic. Skiing is therapeutic, yet it is not therapy. However, the state of excitement, the building of strength and endurance, the development of new skills, and the subsequent physical, mental and emotional energy and relaxation it provides have far reaching effects on the quality of life to those who practice it. But, all therapeutic benefits aside, ski instructors are not therapists. They teach what they know. And they use simple, practical principles to teach others the know-how to ski.

In the same sense, we teach what we know using simple, practical principles to teach others the know-how to change.

UnifiedMind™ Coaching is an amalgam of our combined training and experience. It represents over 40 years of accredited training in over a dozen ChangeWork disciplines, as well as continuing scholarship in related fields of study (natural medicine, psychology, social psychology, sociology, philosophy, neurology, quantum physics, etc).

UnifiedMind™ Coaching represents the best of the best of all we have learned about how the mind really works.

  • I presently see a psychotherapist. If I decide to come to Mindopoly® does that mean I should stop seeing my therapist?

No. We often see clients who are currently working with a therapist. We encourage a collaborative approach to change, and we welcome anyone seeking change. Our clients often tell us that working with us supports the work they have already started with their therapist. It’s not necessary to substitute one approach over another in order to get positive results.

  • I’m on medication. Do you work with people on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds?

Yes. And we will never advise you to start or stop taking medication. That is for you and your doctor to decide together – although we do like to know if you are currently taking medication. More often than not, our clients improve to the point of no longer needing or wanting their medications – which is always gratifying. If at any point during the course of our work together you decide you no longer need your medication, you must contact your doctor immediately to work out a safe plan for ‘tapering down.’ It is unwise and highly dangerous to simply stop taking medications.

  • Do you take health insurance?

Because we are not licensed health care professionals we do not accept health insurance.

  • Is what we talk about confidential?

Absolutely. As the saying goes “It’s in the vault.” Even within our practice we do not share confidences regarding our individual clients unless we have prior approval to confer. Many times it is possible for us to work with a client virtually “content free.” It is not always necessary, though it can be sometimes useful, for us to know your whole “story.” [Read More]

Occasionally, a client will request that we speak to another member of their health team (be it a therapist or doctor) and we are happy to do so. Though we are not part of the medical community, we will ask you to sign a HIPPA release form before doing so, as this protects everyone involved in ensuring your privacy. We have a very respectful relationship with many health care professionals in our area.

  • How often do I need to work with you?

This is a question we get frequently. Because this is a self-directed process, we leave the answer to this question up to you. We have had clients ‘hunker down’ and work in 3 to 4 hour increments over the course of a week to get a ‘life-makeover,’ and clients who preferred to stretch the course of their work over a few months to a year. Others have been able to get what they want in as little as one session. Our aim is to get you the changes you want as quickly as possible. We will never encourage a particular frequency of visits unless it is necessary to the process and in your best interests.

  • Why is changing my beliefs so important to making real changes?

Many of our clients are people just like you. They feel stuck – and they’re looking for a way to get moving again.  Some come to us already knowing exactly what the problem is, but don’t know how to change it; while others know only that something isn’t right, but don’t know exactly what. Either way, many of them had been plagued by issues for years before having them resolved using this process.

Each of us interprets the world according to the makeup of our own unique filters. If this wasn’t true, everyone would have the exact same opinions about everything. What you call reality is little more than a filtered mental construct of your own version of the world. To keep it simple, we refer to these filters collectively as beliefs. [Read More]

The information comprising your beliefs comes from the experiences you’ve had from the time you were born – some say even earlier. It includes learnings gleaned from significant influences like your parents, teachers, media, clergy, peers, and your unique cultural and genetic influences.

This information is encoded within your brain in such a way that it becomes a reality statement – your way of giving meaning and value to people, things and events in the world.

Therefore, a belief is a neurologically encoded statement you make about reality that you feel on some level is true.

Your beliefs inform not only the way you see the world as good or bad, right or wrong – but how you view yourself – your identity. These beliefs – though highly influential – are often unconscious, that is, out of your immediate awareness. You can be aware of what you think, feel and do – without knowing why. That’s why some problems can seem so difficult to overcome.

Because beliefs are comprised of information, there is one thing that no belief can withstand – the transformative power of new information. We ask, “What’s missing from this situation – that if you had it right now – would make it impossible for you to have this problem?”  The answer to this question becomes the basis for the solution – the new belief.

  • How can Mindopoly’s Unified Mind Process work on so many different issues?

In an era where many experts say specialization is considered an important key to success, we’re sometimes asked how we’re able to assist with such a wide variety of issues. It’s an interesting question. The answer lies in the approach we take.

We ask ourselves questions like, “Where do thoughts, feelings and behaviors come from?” and “How do we know how to think, feel and behave contextually in the world?”

As we see it – all thoughts, feelings and behaviors arise from our belief patterns. Belief patterns are comprised of bits of information connected together to form what we call representational maps, or reality maps. These reality maps act like filters for interpreting the information coming in through your senses. [Read More]

As your own unique reality interpreters, beliefs drive the way you think, feel and behave in any situation. You live as though what you believe to be true, actually is true. But it may not be. And because beliefs are often based on incomplete and incorrect information, they might not be useful for achieving your desired outcomes. Most people aren’t aware of this – so they get stuck in repetitive patterns of conflict and failure.  That’s where problems arise.

And that’s where we come in. We specialize in belief-change.

We don’t focus on trying to change problematic thoughts, feelings or behaviors directly. Rather, we uncover the structure of the limiting beliefs that drive the problem state – whatever it is – and assist in creating new beliefs and skill sets that are more useful. Everything else is pretty much automatic. The new belief generates new and more resourceful thoughts, feelings and behaviors – and the problem is resolved.

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