“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it’s in my basement… let me go upstairs and check.”  ~ M.C. Escher

“Everyone needs a Lucia in their lives. She’s magic.”

That’s what her clients often say after experiencing ChangeWork with Lucia Pinizotti.

“I can’t tell you who you are,” she begins. “But I can definitely tell you who you are not. You are not your problems.”

So, whatever challenge you may present to her – thinking you’re broken and need to be fixed, or nearly anything else – don’t be surprised when you leave with a whole new understanding of yourself and of what’s possible for you.

Lucia loves flowers and gardening. You need only to glance at the landscaping surrounding her home to see how it bears witness to her botanical skills.

How appropriate then, that she treats her clients in a similar way. Gently, and with your permission, she moves carefully through the landscape of your life knowing just where to step.

Moving aside past seasons, she guides you to where your own treasures lay hidden from the light, in need of attention.

“See?” She smiles when they’re revealed. “You’re not broken – and you don’t need fixing. You just didn’t know these were here.”

Some weeds, perhaps deeply rooted, may have crowded out the sun. But, with a skill-set honed over more than twenty years in service as a ChangeWorker, she coaxes them out; gently if she can – ruthlessly if she must.

Without judgment, she listens exquisitely as she helps you map out your new landscape. And when it’s done, the new landscape is yours. Those are your very own footprints in the soil; your own blossoms in the garden.

“It’s time to take the fruit and leave the fertilizer,” she tells you.

You can sense there’s something new and different about the way the world feels now. It’s easier to move. So many new possibilities. Treasures, once hidden, are yours for the picking.

They had been growing there all along. You just needed a little help finding them. And now you have.

Yes… “Everyone needs a Lucia in their lives. She’ll have you believing in magic.”

What clients say about Lucia:

“Everyone needs a Lucia in their lives. She’s magic!”

“Lucia is an angel on earth! She changed my life completely.”

“She’s a brilliant coach and counselor. She totally ‘gets’ me.”

“I’ve never felt safer in my life. I can tell her anything and I absolutely know I won’t be judged.”

“I can walk into her office a total wreck, and walk out a changed person.”

“I don’t know what my life would be like without her. She’s amazing at what she does.”

“The temperament testing and analysis she did for me was so accurate, it was eerie. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was psychic.”

“Thanks to Lucia, my thoughts, feelings and behaviors are now under my control.”

“She has this wild ability to show you a completely new way of thinking about things. Lucia is an inspired teacher and mentor.”

“She’ll empower you to believe that anything is possible … because it really is.”



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