“How Is It Possible
That I Made More Changes
In Only 3 Sessions With You
Than I Ever Did In
Over 14 Years Of Therapy?”

Imagine finally beginning to feel good again – in just minutes or hours – instead of wishing that someday a miracle might happen – and your life would suddenly change.

We understand how frustrating it is to look for answers – for months, or even years – and still not get the results you want. It can be a little scary thinking that things may never change; that somehow you’re different from everyone else, and you’ll always feel like this.

But what if someone had discovered a remarkable new way – a genuine breakthroughso powerful and effective that it could help you free yourself from the problems and limitations that are keeping you stuck? Would you want to know more about it?

If so, then keep reading. Because something remarkable has been discovered.

And what you might have thought wasn’t possible for you is about to be seriously challenged – maybe even blown away.

Even if you’ve considered giving up because nothing you’ve tried so far seemed to workthis powerful process can work for you.

Because you already have what you need to get the changes you want. You just don’t know how to make it happen yet.

And that’s the real problem.

So, if you’re still struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, self-sabotage or other problems and limitations that are holding you back and feeling helpless about it–

You don’t have to anymore.

“You showed me how to change my self-limiting beliefs.”

Dear Lucia and Jim,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the “stuff” you guys helped me with. But I truly do not know how to put my thoughts on paper. [Read More]

Trish Kearns – Greeley, Colorado

If you’d like to finally eliminate the problems and limitations that are messing up your life, but just didn’t think it was possible for you – you’re in for a surprise.

Because, in the next few moments you’ll begin to see how you can take control of your own life – and have a huge positive impact on the lives of others you care about.

Imagine having an open, honest discussion about yourself with a friend you really trust. How many of the following statements could describe your own situation?

  • You feel like you’re tied-up-in-knots – frustrated because your life isn’t turning out the way it was supposed to. There’s got to be something better, but you don’t know how to change it.
  • Fear is ruining your life. You often feel anxious or depressed – maybe even both – and you’re wondering if you’ll always be like this.
  • You’re fighting for control but you rarely, if ever, feel like you actually have control.
  • You’re at war with yourselfstruggling because part of you wants one thing, but another part of you wants something else.
  • You get bogged down in the same relationship issues over and over again.
  • You’re feeling helpless because you keep sabotaging yourself, but you don’t know why.
  • Nothing you do ever seems good enough when you try to make everyone else happy. You want to be happy too, but you’re afraid of being seen as selfish for wanting to take care of yourself.
  • You’re hopelessly stuck in your past and – up until now – you haven’t been able to pull yourself out.
  • Maybe you don’t like yourself very much. There’s a lot of negative self-talk, and you keep putting yourself down.
  • You’re tired of feeling like a fraud, pretending you’re okay. Maybe you’re afraid that you’re the only one with problems like these, and you don’t know who to talk to, and your afraid of being judged.
  • You want practical solutions you can use right now not years of costly therapy or potentially dangerous drugs. Besides, maybe you’ve already tried most of that without getting the results you were hoping for.

You’re not alone

Lots of people get stuck in painful emotional states and negative behavior patterns. Some of those patterns may have been useful, even necessary for your survival at one time.

And it’s not your fault

Because you haven’t done anything wrong. The fact is, you’re doing the best you can with the information you have. See, when people know better, they usually do better.

But, when you think about it – something in your life isn’t working – and it’s your responsibility to make it better, because you’re the only one who can.

So, if you’re ready to find out how other people just like you have made the changes that make the difference, then stay with us. This could be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

A while back, people who had been transformed by this work began telling us that Mindopoly’s UnifiedMind™ Process for Change is like…

“The Practical Approach to Solving Practically Anything!”

And we thought, “Hmm. In a way, it is. And it sounds kinda cool. Maybe that’s how we should describe it.”

So here it is. And it’s even available without a prescription.

We think you’ll really like it too. Because it’s designed especially…

For those of us who just

* We are not doctors, therapists, counselors, or psychologists. We do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. If you are experiencing a crisis wherein you are a danger to yourself or others, please stop now and call an appropriate crisis intervention center.

We are highly trained and Certified Hypnotists, Neurolinguists, and Professional Change-work Practitioners/Coaches. The advanced state-of-the-art techniques employed in the Mindopoly® UnifiedMind™ Process for Change including Time Line Techniques, Integral Eye Movement Technique, Symbolic Modeling, Metaphors of Movement, Metaphors in Media, Hypnosis, Provocative Change Techniques, Core Transformation, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and others – while remarkably effective – are not standard to traditional therapy, mental health or counseling models. They are considered alternative sources of help, support and information for use in the Professional Coach/Client relationship.

This process works so well because it harnesses the power of the most effective learning structure ever created – your brain. And it’s practical too, because it uses the same process that created your problem to create real solutions.

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When you picture
the way you really want
 to be…

Are you intentionally choosing to stay stuck in the rut of anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, or self-limitations?

Probably not. But it’s happening anyway, isn’t it?

Why is that?

Have you ever considered that maybe you haven’t really been choosing at all – that maybe you’ve just been reacting to some old unconscious patterns, and that’s what you’re actually stuck in.

And reacting unconsciously can have unintended consequences – because it’s very different from making a well-informed, conscious choice.

Reacting is more like having no choice or limited choice at best. It’s what people call “having their buttons pushed.”

A button gets pushed – and you react. No thinking involved.

Like when a doctor taps your knee with that little hammer to test your reflexes – same idea.

Ever had one of those socially awkward ‘what the heck was I thinking?’ moments when, after you actually did think about it, you wished you could take it all back? Yeah, you know what I mean. Who hasn’t?

See, the way you react or respond in life is directed by the ideas and beliefs that are programmed into your mind; from the smallest events to the biggest.

A belief is information encoded into your brain in such a way that it becomes a statement about reality that you think or feel is true.

Some of those beliefs are good, and you want to keep them. But some of them may be based on erroneous, outdated or incomplete information. And that’s where lots of those sticky problems begin.

You‘re probably not even aware of most of your beliefs. But you sure do notice their effects on your life, don’t you?

That’s because…

“Much of the experience you’re having
right now is coming from you.
It’s not happening to you.”

You’re experiencing your beliefs in action. You created or adopted those beliefs as a way of coping with life and making sense of the world.

To a large degree, your beliefs drive your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. However, most beliefs are unconscious – outside of your awareness. So, you can be aware of how you feel and what you do, without really knowing why.

And, as long as that stuff is happening outside of your awareness, it’s also outside of your control.

Imagine what might be possible if you were to suddenly realize that your choices have been limited to those unconscious beliefs and that you can learn how to ‘up-grade’ those old beliefs that have become obstacles.

Updating those old programs with powerful new information gives you greater potential for living the life you want.

See, it’s not about having to get rid of your problems. It’s more about answering this question: “What’s missing from your situation – that if you had it right now – would make this problem impossible to have?”

The answer to this question becomes the foundation for the solution – the new belief.

“Now I can live in the moment instead of being consumed by it.”

I have been searching for a method of self-improvement for 30 years. Many things have made an impact on my life, but none as dramatically as Mindopoly’s UnifedMind™  approach. [Read More]

Al Dupra, Process Engineer – Florida

“If you really want to know what’s going on in your unconscious mind, look closely at what’s going on in your life – because it’s telling you the truth.”

By the way – that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your fault for the way some things have been going up until now.

After all – you can’t control natural disasters, where you were born, or what other people do. Bad stuff happens even to innocent people.

BUT, it does mean that once you know how, it’s your responsibility to improve your situation. Because you’re the only one who can do it.

What do you think could happen if you found a way to do that?

“Earth shattering… yet so simple.”

Jim and Lucia,

You’ve helped me transform my life! I am not sure what to say because words cannot express how truly amazing you guys are. [Read More]

Kathleen Kelly, L.Ac, ND – San Diego, CA

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What if you could experience a personal transformation so powerful
that it could literally change your life?

What would it be like for you to…

  • Feel More Peaceful and At Ease. Are you looking for harmony in your life while your mind is in chaos? One of our greatest abilities as humans is to give new meaning to our own reality.
  • Overcome Feelings of Anxiety, Fear, Panic, and Depression. Wouldn’t you have more fun if you were looking forward to the future you want, instead of living in fear of something horrible that might never even happen?
  • Discover Your Greater Purpose. People yearn for meaning and significance. It can only come from living an authentic life. You’ll be amazed at how successful you’ll be at what you truly want to do.
  • Take Action In Useful Ways. Learn how to stop spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Do you know where you want to go and how to get there? Feeling trapped is a great recipe for becoming depressed.
  • Feel Okay Without Being a Control Freak. It never works anyway, and people will resent you. Learn to control what you actually can, and respond more resourcefully to whatever happens.
  • Live More of the  Life You’ve Always Wanted. Start listening to your self-talk as though it’s coming from an instruction manual for your life – because it is. Are the instructions you’re following now helping you create the life you really want? Or is it time to update your manual?
  • Be More Authentic. You can never be right by trying to become what others think you should be. How could they know anyway? And, even if you try, what becomes of YOU whenever THEY change their minds?
  • Create Harmonious and Meaningful Relationships on a personal and professional level. Wouldn’t it be great to surround yourself with nutritious friends who feed and support your purpose instead of those energy vampires who suck the life right out of you?
  • Live In Optimal Health. There are mountains of research proving that unconscious influences like fear can impact health and healing. What are your beliefs around health and illness?
  • Achieve Your Personal Best. Human beings have accomplished some truly remarkable feats. Limits in our performance are often just limited ideas we have about ourselves.

“Be the master of yourself…”

With humility and great craftsmanship they create an environment for the most profound objective; for the one who is in their company to dive deep inside, [Read More]

Sharon Willow, Montessori Teacher – Rochester, NY

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“You’re living your life according to what you believe to be true of yourself and the world. Even if what you believe to be true – isn’t!”

We know that’s a huge statement. But most people aren’t aware of the incredible power their beliefs have over how they experience themselves and the world.

You live your life according to what you think is true – even if it isn’t.

If people believed that the earth was flat, and feared they would fall off the edge into the abyss if they traveled too far, that limiting belief would keep them landlocked for their entire lives. For them, it would be true. And they would live and die acting as though it was true – even though it isn’t.

That’s what beliefs do.

So, the reality you think your experience as being factual may have very little to do with actual facts. It’s more about the meaning you give to the events in your life to make sense out of them. And some of those meanings are holding you back, making you unhappy.

That’s pretty heavy stuff, huh? And it’s a huge revelation.

Because finding the belief structures that aren’t supporting the life you want, and changing them into something more useful is the key to changing your situation.

And that’s where the Mindopoly UnifiedMind™ Process for Change comes in. It combines the most remarkably effective methods ever developed for resolving the stuff that throws you off balance, so you can stand securely on solid ground again.

That’s why experts in personal excellence call the process used in Mindopoly’s UnifiedMind™ approach “one of the most important discoveries of our time.”

“Learn to utilize your mind in ways you would have never thought possible.”

Is Mindopoly different than seeing a therapist or counselor? YES!  Mindopoly teaches you how to utilize your mind in ways you would have never thought possible. [Read More]

Taimi Schepis, Speech Pathologist – Fairport, NY

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If overcoming feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, depression, or other limitations is important to you; and even if you just want to make a small change or two…

“Now you can finally break free of unwanted feelings and behaviors faster and more easily than you might have thought possible.”

In fact, almost four decades of research into the process of making effective, lasting changes continues to prove that your mind learns best when taught the way it was designed to learn; very – very – quickly.

None of us can ever reach our full potential unless we remove the obstacles that stop us from taking action; regardless of what anyone tells you from some stage, website, book, or movie.

The Mindopoly® UnifiedMind™ Process for Change is powerful stuff. It enables you to get the change you’re looking for by helping you remove those mental obstacles and create a road map toward success, prosperity, freedom and peace…

So that you have as much control over your own life experience as you can possibly have.

“You set yourself apart by providing me with not only the support, but also the tools and methods to achieve my desired results.”

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude for the incredibly helpful program you provided for me. The tools you gave me for dealing with my unconscious mind were instrumental in my recovery process. [Read More]

The unconscious mind activities gave me a mental clarity and grace under pressure that I feel conventional methods would not have provided. I constantly refer to these methods to help me in my professional life. You helped me to recognize my strengths and capitalize on them in all aspects of life.

The bottom line is that you set yourself apart by providing me with not only the support, but also the tools and methods enabling me to achieve my desired results. I constantly recommend you to my friends and I will continue to do so because you are both incredible individuals providing a path to a better, more fulfilling life. You have made a deep impact in my life and you will always have my sincerest regard and appreciation.

Amanda L. Galley

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How does Mindopoly’s UnifiedMind™ Process work to make such changes possible?

Well, think of your mind as a computer.

Of course, it’s far more powerful and complex than any computer but, just for fun, consider this…

There’s lots of information encoded into your brain. It’s organized into belief systems and thought patterns – like an unconscious code.

That code becomes your mind’s unique way of interpreting the world, your relationship to it, and your behaviors in it. And that means…

Your mind runs on programs. Much like a computer.

This is just an analogy – but it’s a pretty good one.

Beliefs are like programs your mind uses to create your life experience. And because it’s your experience, it’s easy to confuse your interpretation of reality with absolute facts.

But, the thing is, your perceptions of reality may have little to do with actual facts. Few people – if anyone – will see things exactly as you do.

Some things are true for you only because you believe they’re true. And that has a lot (maybe everything) to do with how you think, feel and behave in any situation.

Have you ever tried convincing someone with a strongly held political or religious belief to change their point of view? How’d that go? (Could explain a lot, couldn’t it?)

“All behavior has a structure. That structure can be modeled, learned, taught – and CHANGED.”

(Richard Bandler and John Grinder, co-developers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

How you feel and behave in any context is the result of your belief structure – your unconscious programming – getting triggered in order to cope with life. Sometimes those programs are in conflict with each other, or based on erroneous information. That’s when you feel pulled in different directions and don’t know what to do. You get stuck because the information needed to achieve your desired outcome is missing or wrong.

And you’ll continue to feel conflicted and stuck until you change those problematic beliefs that are part of your own unique code into something more useful.

So if you don’t like the experience you’re having, you can create new beliefs that support the experience you want instead.

Those kinds of changes are exactly what happens with Mindopoly’s UnifiedMind™ Process. That’s why it works.

Here are some interesting beliefs about beliefs:

  • Beliefs are like your own personal reality interpreters creating the way you experience the world.
  • Beliefs are made up of information neurologically connected in such a way that they drive your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Adding new information changes your beliefs – and therefore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Beliefs are mostly unconscious.
  • Beliefs can have a powerful impact on your health and happiness.
  • Beliefs can be empowering or limiting.
  • Beliefs often have little to do with actual facts.
  • You hold on to your beliefs because at some level you still think they’re useful; even when you don’t like your experiences.
  • Your beliefs will be true for you – but not necessarily for anyone else.
  • No belief can withstand the transformative power of new information. The trick is getting the right information into the right place so the result is change.
  • If you don’t like your life experience, you can create more useful beliefs that support the experience you want instead.

So it isn’t necessarily about facts – it’s about perspective. What you believe to be true is true for you. Because your brain uses your beliefs as a way of knowing how to feel and how to act in the world.

Seen in this light, what could be different if you knew that the quality of your life experience right now, is because of your ideas and beliefs about yourself and the world?

What if you could let go of the impossible task of trying to change the whole world – or someone else in it – for YOU to be okay? What if you just need to change your beliefs about yourself?

“Feeling very calm and centered…”

Thank you so much… I can’t tell you how effective our session has been. I found myself feeling very calm and centered ever since.  If I felt “spooled up” at all, I simply readjusted and went back to center.

Dorothy Johnson, Entrepreneur – Rochester, NY

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How is the Mindopoly® UnifiedMind™ Process for Change different from other approaches?

Why is it so safe and so much more effective?

  • Mindopoly’s UnifiedMind™ Process combines the most powerful and effective change techniques ever developed by the world’s most brilliant Personal Development Experts. So if you want changes, you’re going to get them.
  • We ask meaningful questions designed to help you to take inventory of the beliefs you already have and may not be aware of. The questions are simple, but most people never think to ask them.
  • You won’t be judged because we believe that people make the best decisions they can with the information they have at the time. Sometimes we just need to find better ways to get the results we want.
  • This process eliminates the guesswork because we trust the wisdom of your unconscious mind to make changes in the best possible way for you. And you can trust it too. It has resources more powerful than anyone knows.
  • You’ll discover the positive intentions behind those sticky internal conflicts. Other approaches often fail because they don’t honor those unconscious intentions.
  • We’re flexible in our use of change-work processes because we understand that each of us is unique. Although the principles governing change are the same for all of us, the “cookie-cutter” approach limits the effectiveness of many other practitioners and modalities.
  • You’re safe with us because we understand that real, lasting change must be aligned with your best interests. Your own mind is in charge at all times, and it’s designed to protect you.  No one can make you do anything that violates your values.
  • Effective changes are made at the level where real changes occur – in your unimaginably powerful unconscious mind.

People say, “It seems like magic.”
And it really can – so please read this… 

Because the effects from applying these techniques are sometimes so rapid and profound, the word “magical” has been used by some people when referring to their experience with Mindopoly’s UnifiedMind™ Process.

And it can be tempting to believe.

But the real magic is in the design of the human brain and the development of these techniques that make such life altering changes possible – some which seem to defy many conventional theories.

There is no ‘magic wand’ technique that can absolutely guarantee that anyone will get the results they want without commitment and doing the required work. It’s always your choice.

There’s a much greater you waiting inside…

Imagine that a magician pulls a giant elephant out of a tiny peanut shell right in front of your eyes. You may not know how it works, but you’d know it isn’t really magic, wouldn’t you?

Well, think of yourself as the peanut shell. Within you is enormous potential. Far greater than most people realize.

Mindopoly’s UnifiedMind™ process helps you to release the ‘Greater You’ in ways that can sometimes seem magical. But – it’s real change not some kind of trick.

And because it’s a practical approach for solving problems in extraordinary ways – in that sense – you could think of it as ‘practical magic.’

But we’re not suggesting that magic will happen for you when you use these powerful techniques. Although many people do experience profound and lasting change very quickly – for others, the change may happen more gradually.

The fact is – no one fully comprehends the vastness of human potential.

Perhaps it’s all in your beliefs.

When you change your mind –
you will change your life.

What it all means for you is simply this …

  • Results that will get you moving again so you can get on with living your life.
  • Personal change that’s real, lasting – and even fun.
  • You’ll have a SAFE place for learning powerfully effective tools that you can use whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Genuine self-empowerment, because you’ll begin to realize that you already have – or can get – everything you need to live resourcefully.
  • You’ll see your situation in a new light; as an opportunity to step forward in your process of growing – instead of some huge problem you thought you were stuck with forever.
  • You’ll have a caring, respectful, supportive team whenever you need us.
  • You can trust us to get the job done for you in the best possible way.

“It’s just a wonderful path I’m making my way along now…”

Dear Jim and Lucia, I’m here!  And I want you to know I blame both of you for it! Talking to you helped me make this decision with clarity and confidence. Thank you so much… your feedback and encouragement helped lead me on this path! And it feels so right! [Read More]

Jennifer DelRosario, Culinary Arts Student – Saranac Lake, NY

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“What if I’m afraid to try something new?”

Some people have to move past that ‘voice of fear’ that holds them back. The voice of fear is usually a Failure Story told around some limiting belief they haven’t changed yet.

“Fear of failure isn’t caused by a lack of confidence.
You just have too much confidence in the wrong thing – failure.”

Fear Stories begin something like this:
“Yes, but…”

  • What if asking for help means I’m weak?
  • What if changing is too hard or really scary?
  • What if people judge me?
  • What if it takes years?  I’m way too busy.
  • What if I can’t afford it right now?
  • What if I have to give something up?
  • What if I’m too old?
  • What if people stop caring about me when my problems are gone?
  • What if it doesn’t work for me?  I’ve tried other approaches, even therapy, and nothing changed.

The common theme in these stories is; “Yes, but, what if something scary happens? I’d better stay inside my problems. At least my situation is familiar.”

Beware of these mind-traps.

Stories like these can keep someone stuck in a perpetual loop of failure or doom because they’re assuming they already know their future; and it’s always something scary.

So, why even try, right?

So they end up feeling stuck and conflicted forever and having lots of “good reasons” for staying right where they are. That’s how powerful beliefs are.

That’s one reason why some people don’t take advantage of an opportunity like this to make things better for themselves.

But you can’t really know your future before you get there, can you? Although you probably know that your future is influenced by what you’re doing right now, isn’t it…

“You’ve really got a great thing going there. Thank you so much for making it all good.”

I just wanted to say thanks again for the sessions. The process we went through made a world of difference for me, by the way. My highest intention has always been for everyone to be happy … including myself! [Read More]

That was the most powerful part of the session. The tightness in my chest dissipated completely and opened up… leaving a sensation of warmth and happiness. All I could do was smile, and it felt really exhilarating.

As a doctor who takes an integrative approach to healing, I can see the future of changework like Mindopoly’s enhancing the paradigm of functional medicine, making it truly holistic.

You’ve really got a great thing going there… thank you so much for making it “all good.”

Christine Dionese, Acupuncturist and Naturopathic Doctor – San Diego, CA

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“If you want to make great changes in your life, you have to change your beliefs about what’s possible for you first.”

We’ve all heard of people who think making changes has to be difficult; so they don’t even try. Or when they do try – and fail – they blame their lack of willpower and discipline.

But here’s a little secret. It’s Not About Willpower.

Most people think of willpower as having the ability to influence changes in themselves, other people and external conditions by the application of strong mental or physical force. And that can be useful – up to a point.

But, achieving anything worthwhile is more about making decisions and being motivated to act on them. You know – having that compelling, driving passion that propels you forward when you’re doing something you really want to do.

And motivation happens automatically when something you really want is hooked up to a very strong sense of WHY you want it.

How much willpower does it take to do something you really love doing? None. In fact, you feel like nothing can stop you from doing it, right?

Empowering, supportive beliefs – that’s the secret to getting it done.

“I don’t know how it happened… but I have been a new person since Monday”

Thank you so much for our recent phone coaching sessions. I don’t know how it happened, but on Monday it seemed as if someone had lit a fire under my um… butt. [Read More]

Lots of love to you guys!

Amy Rudolph – Baltimore, Maryland

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Isn’t it nice to know there’s a proven process for creating personal change that really works?

We’re happy that you took the time to visit our website. And we hope that you found it informative – even inspirational.

We also realize that this process works best when you really want to make changes.

And we understand…

That Mindopoly’s Services may not be for everyone right now.

Because this process gets results – and due to the limited number of people we can see in any given time – this service is not for anyone who isn’t serious about making personal changes yet.

We have everyone’s best interests at heart. And we don’t want to waste anyone’s time and resources.

In light of those facts, Mindopoly’s services probably aren’t for anyone who…

  • Has a serious problem requiring the immediate help of a medical professional
  • Is considering harming themselves or others
  • Already has the ‘perfect life’
  • Isn’t willing to do the necessary work
  • Wants instant gratification or will just give up and quit again
  • Won’t give themselves a chance to experience real change
  • Isn’t committed to improving their life by changing their beliefs
  • Is certain that change isn’t possible for them.
  • Prefers being the victim and blaming others for their problems.

It’s often said, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

So, if you’re not planning on doing something new and different right now – then what are you planning?

It’ll probably be more of the same.

But, if you’ve gotten this far, you’re serious about change. Because something in your life isn’t working – or you want to make something that’s just okay – even better.

After experiencing the Mindopoly® UnifiedMind™ Personal Change Process, most people tell us they got way more than they ever expected.

We’re not surprised anymore.

Because you can never know how far even a small change will go.

Of course, it’s up to you to take the next step now.

Whenever someone is wishing for a miracle, there’s always some joker promising to ‘grant’ them one. So, just to keep it real…

We want to remind you of what you might realistically expect you’ll be getting when you work with us.

 This is powerful stuff and it really works. So if you’re stuck in some problems and you want to resolve them, you can – if you’re willing to do the work and give yourself a fair chance.

  • You’re going to get the benefit of all of our resources and skills  including the most remarkably successful methods for achieving personal change ever developed.
  • You’re going to learn how to use these tools when you need them most so that you’re not forever dependent on us – or anyone else.
  • We’ll have your back for as long as you want us to in case you ever need our support.
  • You’re going to get much more than you’re looking for – because people tell us it happens all the time.
  • And of course – we’ll keep the candy jar full of free candy.

Is Mindopoly® Center for Change
Right for You?

Maybe so.
But only you can know for certain how true that is.
Here’s how you can decide if contacting Mindopoly® Center for Change is the best step you can take right now to finally get what you’ve been looking for…

  • You’re tired of being afraid and feeling bad about yourself. You know deep inside your soul there has to be more to life than this – and you want it.
  • You’re ready to break free from those problems that have kept you stuck, and begin focusing on what you really want instead. “Let’s light this rocket.”
  • You want a safe, comfortable place to learn how to take back control of your own life with a little guidance from someone who “gets it.”
  • You get excited when you picture yourself discovering your new-found potential. “Why be just a star, when you can be a galaxy?”
  • You’re ready to end the frustration of digging up past failures and dragging them into your future. It’s time to pick the fruit and leave the fertilizer where it belongs.
  • You’re tired of playing the blame game and just hoping for something new to happen. You realize that changing your life is up to you because no one else can, or will, do it for you.
  • You want to make a positive impact on others who are depending on you to help them discover their highest potential too.
  • You can’t stand fighting with yourself anymore and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make the changes you need to get the peace of mind you want.

“I have been able to see a path clearly and to take the path fearlessly.”

I have been working with Lucia on and off for a while. The sessions are quite different from anything I have experienced before, and they are highly effective in a very short time. [Read More]

Mary Buergin, (Artist) – Maine

Reserve My Risk-Free Session Now

Maybe you’re a little hesitant to try something new. After all, you don’t know us yet and you may not be quite sure of what you’re looking for.

Or maybe, like some, you’re ready to jump right in and get moving.

That’s why Mindopoly® Center for Change offers a risk-free option to get you started comfortably. Because it’s what’s important to you, that’s most important to us.

And just in case you’re wondering – we’ve been in the trenches too. We’re still growing, and we use these tools every day. Not only with our families and clients, but ourselves as well.

There’s mud in the road sometimes. We’ll either go around it, or over it, but we’ve finally learned how to keep from getting stuck in it.

It takes commitment and work to achieve anything worthwhile, and we know that.

So remember this…

“When you make challenges bigger than you, by defining yourself as small, you begin to believe that they’re too big for you to overcome them.”

What if you’re amazing beyond measure – and you just don’t know it yet?

We hope you’ll consider carefully what you want, and why it’s so important to you. Because it’s what you really want, and the best way you can get it that matters most.

Here’s how you can do that now…

Follow these easy steps and you’ll already know more about what you really want than you might have a moment ago.

  1. Think about a problem you’ve been having  – and notice how you feel inside.
  2. Now imagine the way you would like things to be instead – and notice how the feeling changes.
  3. If you had a real magic wand and could make those changes – what would you like to have happen?
  4. Imagine it’s all yours – and how great it feels to have that.
  5. Now, remember what you’ll miss – if things stay the way they are.

Reserve My Risk-Free Session Now

You can call or text either of us right now to ask a question or book your risk-free session.  Changework sessions are available face-to–face, over the phone or via FaceTime and Skype.

We’re never too busy to answer your questions:

Jim at 585-329-090 or Lucia at 585-737-8507.

Talk soon.

Wishing you a “peace” in your puzzle,

Jim and Lucia

P.S.  Rest assured that when you decide to work with us, you can trust us to get it done for you in the best way possible.

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