“I have to blink – but I don’t want to miss anything!”

Jim Cervelloni Those who know Jim say he’s intensely insightful; having the rare ability to help people understand and develop themselves in unique and extraordinary ways.

“I’m more curious about what’s possible for people than what isn’t,” he says.

And it’s true.

As a coach and mentor for nearly three decades, Jim has helped his clients resolve some of their most challenging problems – regardless of how difficult their situation may have seemed to them at the time.

We wondered how he does it.

“I do whatever it takes,” he explains. “I expect results – and you get them.”

And knowing what it takes to get those results makes all the difference for you.

Jim believes that each of us is our own Final Frontier. With laser-guided questions and spontaneous innovation, he gently leads each explorer on a journey inside themselves to discover treasures they didn’t know they had.

He listens profoundly – without judgment. And he won’t let you sink back into your story because he understands that what you believe about your story is the real problem.

He’s been there before – and he lets you know it.

When you sit in the space Jim holds especially for you, you begin to sense that you’re the most important person in the world to him; that something magical is about to happen.

And it usually does.

“Your greatest power is your ability to create change in yourself,” he tells you. “You do that by changing the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and the world.”

Soon, you realize that this is the answer you’ve been looking for. Because when you change yourself – somehow everything else seems different too.

And then something remarkable happens; you’re suddenly aware that you’ve put your life back into some very capable hands – your own.

So, how does he do that?

Jim shrugs. “I do whatever it takes,he says.

What clients say about Jim:

“How is it possible that I accomplished more in only three sessions with you than I ever did in over fourteen years of therapy?”

“He’s intuitive, sensitive and so funny! He stops at nothing to help his clients get whatever it is they’re looking for – and then some.”

“He’s a mind magician. I think he’s magic.”

“It’s like I’ve known him forever. I can tell he really gets me.”

“The best word I can think of is compassion. I never once felt I was being judged.”

“He has a way of getting you to look at your old problems in new ways. And before you know it, they’re gone!”

“Where was he all those years I was in therapy?”

“I’ve never felt this way before! I’m thankful for having you as my coach and my friend.”

“I love you Jimmy! Thank you for being such an important part of my life!”

“Sometimes I loved him, sometimes I wanted to smother him. But, whenever I listened to him, it worked.”

“He’s determined to help you reach your goals, and he goes way beyond what you would expect anyone to do.”

“He’s casual yet professional. I felt very safe.”

“I don’t have any more problems, but I don’t want to stop coming!”



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