The Truth About Change

Frogs Into Princes?

The Frog PrinceOnce upon a time there lived a frog – who was actually a very handsome prince. Many years before, our hero had a rather unfortunate encounter with a wicked witch, during which her nasty spell sentenced him to a life of lily pads and a steady diet of flies.

As the story goes, only the kiss of a Princess could release him from the spell. And, as in all good fairy tales, our amphibious suitor ~ green though he may be ~ meets a lovely Princess, who against all odds eventually puckers up for him. One kiss later and “whammie, shabamie!” he and his Princess move on to matrimonial bliss.

This is such a wonderful bit of magical marzipan that the Frog Prince has become a bit of a mascot for us here at Mindopoly®.

When you visit our offices, you’ll find him peeking out at you from surprising places.

Now, however inspired we may be by the metaphoric message at the heart of this story, we are also very aware of the difference between the promise of the metaphor and the literal translation of it.

To date, we have never actually witnessed the transformation of a frog into a prince.

Although, in fairness, we have not done any empirical testing of our own – never having kissed a frog.

Change That Works Like Magic – Or Just Another Fairy Tale?

This brings us to an important point. There’s an old saying, “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.” We’ve wrestled a lot with that wise axiom in the last year as we’ve been writing the Mindopoly® website. The line between truth and fiction is a tricky one.

UnifiedMind™ techniques have certainly made a difference in our own lives and the lives of our clients. That’s the simple truth. We have personal and direct experience to back up our claims. However, when it comes to the truth, we hold that it’s far easier to measure use over truth.  Because we can always measure whether or not something is useful by the results you get. So we endeavored to put usefulness as our primary theme for our UnifiedMind™ approach.

Just as the story of the Frog Prince carries some basic wisdom wrapped up in fiction, the usefulness of the information contained within our UnifiedMind™ story may appear a bit veiled to those of you who have never kissed a frog. But we would challenge you to consider that experiencing the wisdom contained in our story for yourself is more useful for discovering your own truth, than is arguing against the fiction.

Change That Works

So, throughout our site you will be challenged to look for the more useful – or the more practical – held within our UnifiedMind™ fiction. We say ‘fiction’ because anything anyone has to say about the nature of mind is always a contrivance.

No one at present has been able to physically produce a mind. A brain – yes. A mind – no. Scientific and esoteric disciplines only measure functions and effects of the mind. As to the exact nature of what mind is – that remains a mystery. Our growing body of knowledge is a drop in the ocean of what we still do not know.

We are more invested in the efficacy or usefulness of our approach. This is not to say that we don’t cling to the truth as well; so here then is our disclaimer.

Buyer Beware

We’re certainly aware that there are many Internet sites that make outrageous claims about themselves, their products and their services simply to drive customer response rates. Make no mistake – anyone who puts out an open-for-business sign is looking for business, and we’re no exception. We have created careers out of a love for what we do; but if we didn’t make any money – we’d be out of business in a New York minute.

So yes, let us be perfectly clear; we want your business, but not at the expense of our integrity. For years we have run a referral-only based practice that has served us and our clients very well. Now, after much work, we are very excited about the potential that exists in launching our website. It provides a new medium with which to educate and touch more people – directly or indirectly influencing how others approach change.

Ultimately, it is our clients who have the final say on the efficacy of our approach. So let’s dispense with any fairy tales.

There is No Such Thing as Happily Ever After

The truth is that UnifiedMind™ techniques are wonderful tools to living a more fulfilling, empowered and rewarding life – and you will always, by default, have to deal with a world that will challenge, coax and demand more of you.

There is no perfect anything; although some things may in fact be “perfectly imperfect,” in that we are designed to grow through the imperfections in our inner and outer worlds. Quoting our dear friend, Jerry Thomas, “We like to think we grow through inspiration, but 99.9% of the time it’s desperation.”

Everyone faces challenges, losses and failures (we call it feedback). That’s life and we all have to live it. Even us. We like to say, “Been there, done that.”

So, no – we don’t live perfect lives, in perfect harmony with each other and the world, 100% of the time.

Although we hear that there are a number of pharmaceutical companies out there that would actually have you believe that they can sell you Nirvana in a pill. That is of course, if you don’t mind some potentially serious side effects – including ending up dead of sudden cardiac arrest (admittedly rare, but still a possibility). In which case, either way you’ll get to experience heaven.

And there are some situations where all the Hypnosis and NLP in the world won’t make a wit of difference to your external circumstances. Some things are just part of the challenge and dilemma of life. But although you will never be able to control your external reality or the people in it, you can learn to control yourself and your choices regarding it and them.

For instance, you may find yourself at a point where you are finally ready for that new job, new relationship or new circumstance way before it’s ready to change for you. The real value in the work we do is precisely at these times, because you’re going to need the tools to tough it out.

There’s an old Sufi story of a sadhu who goes into the temple to beseech God to change an unpleasant life circumstance. However, as he begins to pray he suddenly realizes a much better prayer. So he ultimately asks, “God, please don’t change my circumstance, change me.”

UnifiedMind™ as a Practical Approach

We believe UnifiedMind™ techniques offer us an opportunity to change ourselves in the face of an unchangeable circumstance. In our own lives, it has proved the only thing holding us to our true north on some days.

So, should you decide to venture forth to change your life – sadly, we regret to inform you that your life will still be your life. You probably won’t end up living in a castle by the sea commanding your servants to peel you a grape.

However, you will discover how to rule your inner landscape compassionately and wisely and learn to live like a king. Oh, and as an added bonus: It’s now all available without a prescription…

Wishing you a ‘peace’ in your puzzle,

Jim and Lucia

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